Thursday, June 30, 2011

My New Blog

I have changed the tone of my new blog and the format. You can find my posts at: Well How Come It Is?

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Patricia said...

Hi Nan, I would just like to welcome you to the Catholic Church. I read quite a bit of your blog (this one) a week or so ago, and I know that you have much to bring and share with the rest of us.

I have checked out your new blog -- the question one. Do you have comments turned off?

I've been reading your husband's blog for a couple of years. I used to leave long comments fairly often, and once he told me that I should have my own blog.

I wasn't sure if he thought I was rambling too much in the comment section, but he actually did have some influence on my starting a blog a few months ago.

God bless you as you continue the journey we are all on -- to draw ever closer to the Heart of Jesus until that day when we see Him Face to face.

All the best to you!