Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thank You

Recognizing individuals need support, John Donne wrote, “No man is an island.” For the past two years, three wonderful people silently supported this effort with their advice. They read my stuttering prose and suggested how to make it readable.

Rich Maffeo, my husband, encouraged me from the early months of 2005 to find my voice and tell my part of our story. Rich endured the many drafts and rewrites, as he patiently helped me with grammar and word choices. He often set aside his own agenda to read my writing, doing the laundry or the dishes so I could complete a post. He is my hero. He writes his own blog, "The Contemplative Catholic Convert".

Helen Spalding, a former Navy Chaplain, has been my Protestant sounding board. Her insights and comments taught me much about historical Protestant thought as well as the unity of the Body of Christ. Unfailingly, she responded to my posts with wit and wisdom. I count it a privilege to have received her good counsel.

Gary Presley, author of the memoir, “Seven Wheelchairs A Life Beyond Polio”, has been my Catholic sounding board. His unfailing challenges have made me a better communicator. Without doubt, his questions invariably forced me to look within my perceptions of experience to retrieve an honest description of my inner journey. I am most grateful.

My gratitude extends also to those who encouraged my efforts here. I might have given up had it not been for individuals who either posted comments or told me how valuable my writing was to their life in Christ.

Thank you all!